Locate A Registered Medical Support Hypnotherapist

A medical support hypnotherapist has specialized training in addition to his or her general hypnotherapy education. Medical support hypnotherapists in our registry are skilled at implementing hypnotherapeutic techniques for both psychoneuroimmulogical and psychoneuro-physiological applications. They teach self-hypnosis methods for self-care, and conduct private and group sessions.

An on-site medical support hypnosis session can be conducted in as short as five to seven minutes and can reduce anxiety, reduce or eliminate pain, improve patient compliance and post-procedure outcome. Depending on the patient’s needs, sessions can also occur in the physician’s office or at the medical support hypnotherapist’s office. Those sessions can go as long as an hour depending on the patient’s needs.

Here are a few examples of how medical support hypnotherapy can be utilized:

  • IV starts and needle phobias
  • Reduction of claustrophobic feelings during MRI and CAT scan
  • Burn care from radiation treatment for cancer care
  • Stress reduction in hypertensive patients
  • Pain management for arthritis
  • Childbirth preparation
  • Post-operative pain control and accelerated healing
  • Normalization of digestion for IBS
  • Regaining normal sleep patterns
  • Pre-sedation calming and potentiation
  • Preventive medicine

The list is seemingly endless. Why is this? Because the patient’s attitude toward treatment is one of the most important factors in a successful outcome.  To better match you and your medical facility with a medical support hypnotherapist, contact Dr. Sapien by phone or email.