Physician to Physician Consultation

Now medical personnel can consult directly with a physician on the appropriate use of medical support hypnotherapy. As medical support hypnosis has been shown (see Scientific Basis For Medical Support Hypnotherapy ) to be an effective tool for improving the outcome of patient care in areas such as accelerated healing and pain control, how to integrate it as an adjunct to medical treatment is new territory for some medical personnel and facilities.

For this reason, Robert Sapien, both a licensed physician, medical professor and medical support hypnotherapist, consults on ways to integrate hypnotherapy as an adjunctive modality.

Areas (Departments/Specialties) That Can Be Supported By Medical Hypnosis

Surgical                                                      Emergency Medicine
Radiology                                                   Burn Care
Oncology                                                    Anesthesiology
Urology                                                       Gynecology and Obstetrics
Pediatrics                                                   Dentistry
Rheumatology                                           Neurology
Cardiology                                                  Gastroenterology
Dermatology                                              Endcrinology

Patients are given a way to take a more active role in their own healthcare and/or pain management. Some Major Benefits To Patient Outcome:

  • Reduction of pre-procedural negative anticipatory anxiety
  • Increased patient compliance with prescribed medical treatment
  • Shortened recovery time post-operatively
  • Less procedural and post-procedural pain
  • Improved general well-being
  • Shortened labor in childbirth

Below are photos demonstrating the application of medical hypnosis on a student volunteer at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America in Albuquerque, NM.

Many patients have a fear of needles and the sight of blood making it difficult for them and the practitioner to draw blood, start IV’s or perform any other invasive procedures. Medical hypnosis methods can help patients with pain erasure and control over bodily sensations reducing their current and future anxiety during these procedures.


Dr. Robert Sapien inserts a needle through the top of a student volunteer’s hand after
classmate, Bea, induced the trance and employed the pain control methods.



Here in the second photo we see Dr. Sapien coaching Bea on how to help Leonard have a deeper experience of the hypnotic pain control and medical relaxation.




“I have been afraid of needles since childhood. After hypnosis I learned that I don’t have to feel pain or be afraid anymore.”
-Leonardo Aguirre, Albuquerque